In His Own Words – Chico Fernandez’s Hell’s Bay Professional Review

“Here is a photo of my skiff in the garage. It has about a foot and a half in the back and maybe six inches in the front – without tilting it! So, yes it fits. And by the way, I think it is one of the most beautiful Hell’s Bays out there. … I’m just saying.”

“This Sunday I went out with friend Rob Munoz to Flamingo with my Professional. The boat poled better, tracked better and easier than even my old 16’ Waterman, it’s light. And with Rob and I in it, 160 and 185 pounds, the boat got on a redfish flat that was scary shallow, with a few blades of grass out of the water. All great.”

“With the 2 1/2 pound Stiffy Extreme and my super light Professional it felt like I was poling a feather. Easier to pole than my old 16’ Waterman.”

“Went to Whitewater Bay with Rob Munoz on a low tide stage. Not many fish, had a pair of reds chase and try to eat a surface lure but did not hook up, finally, I got this red in a little back bay… saw him chase the lure and open his mouth and eat it. It’s always beautiful back there. Did not use more than a 1/4 tank of fuel. Love my 17.8 Pro.”

“This week I fished with son Stephen and friend Capt. Rob Munoz, during extremely low tides. Often in 6” of water, with three anglers, lots of tackle, lots of food and ice. It was tough fishing at times, but we still took several nice redfish. It was flat calm and sunny during the morning, but coming back around 4:30pm it was very windy. Still, we were still cruising at 30 mph. It was dark by the time we got home, long but wonderful day.”

“My Professional floated higher than I ever expected, actually looked to be 6”, with the three of us. Tip of some grass out of water and like that. It also poles very easy and tracks real well which is a big plus not having to correct yourself while poling.”

“We sight cast a little against the shoreline and saw a few snook, but most of the fishing we did was live bait fishing with pilchards. The live-well worked great, not only keeping the pilchards alive, but also keeping some of the mangrove snapper we threw in the live well when action was too fast and furious and it was quicker than going to the big cooler. We took many nice size mangroves; and yes we kept a few for dinner.

And by the way, after Thanksgiving we went out, loaded with turkey, dressing, Cuban bread, deserts and many other “necessary lunch items”, lots of ice, sodas, beer, water, pastelists, empanadas, … anyway, a real big lunch for three, and in the afternoon a snack of course, … and there was more than enough room in the cooler for all that food and drinks, and still, plenty of room for the dozen or so big mangroves we kept too. I have Señor Cooler, ha.

Keep up the good work guys, and see you soon.

As always,

Don Chico”