Designing the Eldora brought us back to our roots. Simplicity combined with an uncompromising build approach is the Hell’s Bay legacy. The Eldora incorporates our patented hull design derived from over 20 years of on-the-water experience. Since our creation, materials have advanced significantly, and combining our proven hull designs with advanced composites has lead to even better performance. The Eldora is no exception. The result is an extremely shallow draft and dead quiet boat that poles with ease.


  • Weight – 350 lbs.
  • Draft – 3.5″ with engine & fuel
  • Length – 16′ 4″
  • Beam – 69″
  • Standard Power – Yamaha 25 Tiller
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The Whipray sets the shallow water angling standard for excellence

The skiff that has set the shallow water angling standard for excellence and performance; the Whipray™ continues as the benchmark against which all other skiffs are measured. It was the advent of the Whipray™ that brought Hell’s Bay Boatworks to the forefront of the industry and sent the other manufacturers to the retooling shed. The Whipray™ poles effortlessly into the wind and against the tide while still maintaining the superior handling attributes necessary to stop, spin and control while poling in the shallowest circumstances. Sandy Moret describes his Whipray™ as “the finest bonefish skiff ever made.”

  • Weight – 570 lbs.
  • Draft – 3.5″ with engine & fuel
  • Length – 16′ 4″
  • Beam – 70″
  • Recommended Power – 40 hp – 70 hp
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The Waterman is our “Hardcore” sight fishing machine

The Waterman 18 retains the ORIGINAL Hell’s Bay sheer and bottom! You wanted shallow….You wanted great tracking….You wanted ease of poling…You wanted full range of trim and a bit of additional reach…You wanted shallow draft and NO NOISE, NO FRILLS…The Waterman 18 has your name written all over it! -Flip Pallot

  • Weight – 610 lbs.
  • Draft – 4.5″ with engine & fuel
  • Length – 18′
  • Beam – 73″
  • Recommended Power – 50 hp – 70 hp
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The preferred skiff of flats guides around the world

Considered the ultimate in versatility for fishing a wide variety of conditions and elements, the Professional™ represents a beautifully blended combination of shallow draft, dry comfortable ride and innovative design. Developed for guides, hard-core enthusiasts as well as the tournament professionals, this skiff has become the choice for no-holds-barred angling performance.

  • Weight – 625 lbs.
  • Draft – 4.5″ with engine & fuel
  • Length – 17′ 8″
  • Beam – 73″
  • Recommended Power – 60 hp – 70 hp
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The perfect light tackle skiff

The Guide™ was built at the request of many guides and anglers who wanted everything in one package. This skiff has exceptionally shallow draft, excellent stability at anchor, and poles with ease in any flats fishing situation. First becoming a Texas coast favorite, the Guide™ with the patented tunnel hull option, allows anglers to jump up on plane over a hard sand bottom in 8″ and run on plane in 5″. This feature permits anglers to silently pursue fish from the boat in areas where wade fishing was the only option.

  • Weight – 695 lbs.
  • Draft – 4.5″ with engine & fuel
  • Length – 18′ 4″
  • Beam – 79″
  • Recommended Power – 60 hp – 90 hp
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Glades Skiff

The Glades Skiff adds a new dimension to shallow water fishing

The redesigned Glades Skiff™ adds a new dimension to shallow water fishing. Weighing only 440 pounds, the skiff drafts just 4″ (Loaded) which allows access into backcountry areas rarely fished. Fly-fishermen in the market for a skiff that can weave in and out of the narrowest mangrove canals or stalk the flats in search of nervous shallow-water game fish, will definitely want to take a hard look at this skiff.

  • Weight – 440 lbs.
  • Draft – 4″ with engine & fuel
  • Length – 17′ 8″
  • Beam – 58″
  • Recommended Power – 30 hp
Features & Specifications