Save Bimini, There is Still Hope!

A Note from the President of Hell’s Bay Boatworks, Chris Peterson-
All, many of you may know what a special place Bimini is to me personally and my family.  The flats of Bimini are a wonderful place and home to everything including massive bonefish, permit, tarpon and a tremendous nursery for juvenile sharks.   It is a truly magical place that has been loved by so many from Earnest Hemingway to Martin Luther King Jr.  I feel the development on the north end has ruined not only the island culturally but it has been an ecological disaster.
And now they want to march onto the last wild place in Bimini, East Wells.
Below is information about what is happening and what has already happened. Sadly, I am not sure that the remaining wild ecosystem can be saved but it is worth an effort.  Any influence that you may have, any voice to help save what is left of wild Bimini would be appreciated.
Here is a great video about East Wells and the pleas from the Biminites to save Bimini, please watch.
Bimini Island in the Bahamas lies just 48 miles from Miami, Florida and is an ecological wonderland. But for the past 17 years, Bimini has faced serious environmental threat in the form of a US-owned development. Much of the Island’s mangrove forest has already been dredged out to build luxury homes, a casino and most recently, a Hilton hotel. Just to the east of the development lies East Wells, Bimini’s only remaining pocket of pristine habitat, but the development is growing and the latest marketing brochures advertise a golf course which will be the final blow to the people of Bimini and the ecosystem on which they depend. A new government has just been voted into power. This video is an appeal from the Biminites for the declaration of a marine protected area that will protect their environment.
For even more information on what has happened to Bimini, Click Here!