Photo Recap: 2019 Texas Owners Tournament

The 2019 Texas Owners Tournament check-in was hosted Friday afternoon at Orvis Swan Point Landing in Rockport, Texas. Plans were made and beers were poured as anglers gathered for the captains’ meeting.

A cold front passing through made for a cool, windy morning that provided no shortage of fish for the 58 anglers hitting the water Saturday morning. The winds laid down and the temperature rose for the evening awards ceremony, hosted at Redfish Willie’s. Dinner was served as standings were finalized, and five anglers took home top prizes for their respective categories. Hand-painted fly boxes, as well as eight unique watercolor fly paintings, were generously contributed by William Townsend as prizes for top anglers, as well as standard trophies and bragging rights among the Texas Hell’s Bay owners.

Thank you to Orvis Swan Point Landing and Redfish Willie’s for hosting our event, and thank you to Mr. Townsend for the artistic contribution.

More of Mr. Townsend’s work can be found at lightandfly.com.