Flip and Chico’s “Most Excellent” Fly Fishing School – What an Adventure!

Flip and Chico’s “Most Excellent” Fly Fishing School an awesome time had by all!

The event started out on the evening of Friday, December 9th, here at the HB Factory. Fresh Texas Oysters, cold beverages, and Sonny’s Barbeque were provided for the students as they arrived. The night started out with a wonderful meet & greet with legends, a run down on the school, and a great raffle of HB gear. The night continued outside where the cool air and warm bonfire was the perfect setting for all the fishing stories shared.

Saturday began at 8 am with a breakfast and more fishing stories. Flip and Chico began with an open forum style of teaching. They talked about everything from fly line, to rods, and even leader construction! The students asked so many great questions and we all learned something new. That was quickly followed by one on one fly casting lessons from the two legends of the sport. Everything about casting was taught. From backcasts, to forming loops, and even the best casters loops. Flip and Chico made sure everyone was given tips on improving their casts. When the class returned back inside the factory, they were greeted by a catered lunch. The stories told by Flip and Chico during lunch were amazing and worth the price of admission alone.


The afternoon began with a full tour of the HB Factory. Everyone learned how our craftsmen build and test each skiff before being delivered to its new owner.

Then it was back to the “drawing board” in the classroom where more tips and fly fishing techniques were shared.

The last session of the day was back outside to ensure that everyone who attended felt comfortable casting a fly, Flip and Chico gave everyone the last few tips to improve their casting.

Everyone returned back to the factory expecting to leave, but the two legends of Fly Fishing had other plans. The group gathered around Flip and Chico for almost two hours as they recalled different stories about their childhood. Stories about fly fishing the world, Hell’s Bay, and the early days of saltwater fly fishing. Laughs were had and memories were made!

We can’t wait to host the next year’s “Most Excellent” Fly Fishing School!