A Weekend in the Lowcountry

The Lowcountry never disappoints. Between great flood tide fishing, impeccable food and southern hospitality, it doesn’t get any better! Hell’s Bay is represented very well in South Carolina, and the goal for our visit to Charleston was to visit with our current customers, and allow new customers to experience why so many Hell’s Bay skiffs can be seen poling the marsh.

Friday night we spent the evening at Cooper River Brewing enjoying a beer and dinner with our current owners and friends. We appreciate everyone who attended in spite of the tailing tide! Thank you to The Charleston Angler for donating the Hardy Demon 8wt fly rod we raffled off!

Saturday and Sunday we spent the day at Toler’s Cove Marina for demo days on the water. We had an Estero, Professional and Marquesa with us. The Professional and Estero caught most of the attention as both offer an obvious advantage on both ends of the spectrum. The Professional is a great option for those primarily focusing on tide dependent fishing. The Professional poles quietly and effortlessly through the grass and allows for ample time during the tide before the water drops out. The open water fishing market has really grown in the Lowcountry. The Estero is the perfect solution allowing days offshore, while still drafting little enough to take advantage of the inshore fishing the region has to offer.

Thanks to everyone who came out to ride along, or just hang out in the Charleston heat! A big thanks to Toler’s Cover for their hospitality.

Till next year, Charleston!