A Weekend in Louisiana

Just like the rest of the Southeast, the marshes of Lousiana had an abnormally cold winter. This didn’t stop the giant redfish from showing up, but it sure made use of some extra layers of clothing. Our arrival to Baton Rouge was right on par with the rest of winter. We were greeted with cold blowing rain. Though we had to sport some rain jackets throughout the day, the crowd was not affected. The skiff and travel show was held at the Baton Rouge Orvis, right around the corner from LSU. We had the Estero, Professional and Capt. Al Keller’s Marquesa on display. The Lousiana marsh is an extremely diverse fishery making the interest in boat models diverse as well. Some anglers fish primarily the large open water for bull redfish, which yields the daily challenge of crossing big open bays. This style of fishing makes the Marquesa or Estero the ideal option. There is also a large number of anglers who would rather a smaller skiff, like the Professional, which gives them them capability to fish the shallower lakes, full of slot sized redfish. The Professional is very capable of handling the bigger water, but has a shallower draft for those who focus more on the lakes. We are glad we brought the 3 different skiffs, because the interest was all over the board. We want to thank Alex with Orvis for his hospitality and invitation to the event. We are grateful to have met everyone at Orvis, and all those who attended.

The following day, we were up early and had the quintessential breakfast at Penny’s in Hopedale. Then we made the short trek down to Hopedale Marina for a demo day. Running around the marsh, it became even more clear how diverse the area is. The Estero performed great in the big water, at the “end of the world,” while the Marquesa and Professional were right at home poling the shallow lakes and the edge of the marsh. We were even greeted with a few slot redfish while on a demo ride with a customer.

We are already looking forward to coming back next season and spending more time in Lousiana. Thank you to everyone we met and the hospitality we received while in the Bayou.