• Mark Hoffman
  • Pat Thompson
  • Cody Kirkland
  • Glenn Pittard
  • Joseph Sparacino
  • Jp Brunet
  • Clay Matthews

Mark Hoffman

I wanted to share this picture with you of my recently refurbished HB Devilray minutes after delivery from your factory on Wednesday to my marina in Boca Grande.

As you most likely saw the boat on your showroom floor over the last couple of weeks, it turned out beautifully!

I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with Paul Payne and his service team. Paul was a true professional, timely in all his communications with me, and a real partner in the process. Dan in production did a first-rate job in all matters regarding this boat and Mona was simply terrific in helping with the misc business to get this project completed.

While every restoration has its challenges, all were met with great attitudes and timely service by your team with my sincere thanks….

I had always planned to somehow become a Hell’s Bay owner but never considered doing it this way but pleased now that I did. This boat returns to Boca Grande where it spent lots of time in its early years as a tender on a yacht and now I’m looking forward to plying some skinny waters around Charlotte Harbor looking for some great fish to cast to.

If ever your travels bring you to Gasparilla Island/Boca Grande, it’d be my pleasure to get you on the water in the Devilray.

With best regards and thanks,

Mark Hoffman

Pat Thompson


 I got my boat back today.  It really does look GREAT!  You and your team did a fantastic job fixing her up. She looks brand new and actually better with how things are now laid out.

Appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail!

Tell everyone thanks from me.

Take care,

Pat Thompson

Cody Kirkland

Thank you very much Paul. Your customer service is exceptional.

Glenn Pittard

The skiff turned out great, I’m really pleased with it.

Thanks again for making it so easy to get done, and for arranging a convenient way for me to pick it up.


Joseph Sparacino

First and foremost let me say that you’re awesome.

Super organized and incredibly informative.  I deal with people via email all day every day and reading your reply was refreshing to say the least.

By far one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had just from your email.

Thank you sir.

Jp Brunet

Once again, thank you Paul.  The service at Hell’s Bay is second to none.  I couldn’t be happier.

I hope you and your family have a great Holiday season and New Year.

Clay Matthews


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you about my experience with your service department. I have had my skiff back with you guys for some repairs and mods. All repairs have been self inflicted by my own doing and most have good stories. In every single case Paul and his team have returned my skiff in fantastic shape quicker than I expected.

Chris, you know me as part of the Mothercluckers who may be a little loud and rowdy from time to time. In my real life I run a large business for my company and the principals that I seen in your service department of superior quality and service are also the most critical in mine for setting apart my products from the competition. It’s clear that Paul and his team are “owners” of their process and understand the importance of the value that they provide.

With my work schedule I only have a few days every year to use my skiff and I always have family and friends with me. They all ask me “When can we go fishing again?” Thanks to Paul and his team I have the confidence that it will be in the same shape that was the day I picked it up in October of 2013. Just wanted to say “Thank you” to you and your guys for the role you play in allowing me have some of the highest quality days I spend with my family.

Clay Matthews