Stu Apte

Born: Miami, FL

Hometown: Islamorada, FL / Bozeman, MT

Fishing Hole: Flats of the Florida Keys

Lure: Whatever works for the species I am fishing.

Fly: Tarpon Fly

Fish: Giant Tarpon

Heros: Joe Brooks, Ted Williams, Flip Pallot, Lefty Kreh

Legendary Hall of Fame angler Stu Apte is still very active on the water at age 82. Apte continues to stay in the limelight with guest appearances on numerous TV shows, conducting seminars on all types of fishing, and hosting his annual fly fishing sailfish tournament every December in Guatemala. Stu’s considered one of the world’s best all round anglers sharing his knowledge on a wide variety of fishing subjects. He’s an iconic and patient fishing educator, especially with fly, promoting professionalism, ethics and conservation practices on the water. On layovers as a career pilot for Pan Am Airlines, Stu would scout out potential international fishing destinations gaining knowledge of fishing techniques and fish species. He achieved even more experience guiding in the Florida Keys where he makes his home. Apte has produced and directed Saltwater Flyfishing from A to Z, a four-part video, and additional videos including Quest for Giant Tarpon and Tarpon Country. He’s written hundreds of magazine articles, chapters and forwards for other people’s books, plus penned two of his own books. The first in 1976 was Stu Apte’s Fishing in the Florida Keys and Flamingo and a recent memoir Of Wind and Tides. His memoir tells details of the exciting tales of the early days of fishing in the Keys, guiding President Harry and Bess Truman, times with Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, and leading Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf to his first tarpon.