We're off!

Follow along with the spot tracker below and show your support for Hell's Bay Boatworks by donating to our race team! 100% of donations go to Captain's for Clean Water.

2guys, one skiff, 1,600 miles 

The 3rd annual Skiff Challenge is a 1,600 mile, 48 hour non-stop race around the state of Florida. Skiff manufacturers are limited to operating a 18 foot boat with a 70hp engine. They will start in Pensacola and venture all the way around Key West and back up the east coast, ending in Cabin Bluff, Woodbine, GA. 


Started by two boat manufacturers and a late evening at the Palm Beach Boat Show, the challenge is the perfect product testing opportunity. Not only does it put the skiff through its paces, but all of the products that go along with a marathon style boat race including our technical clothing, glasses, electronics and any other accessories strapped to the boat or the drivers. 


At the end of the day, this race and our business would not exist if it wasn’t for clean water and healthy estuaries, therefore 100% of the donations to any of the teams participating in the challenge will be directly donated to Captains for Clean Water