Recap: Charleston Gathering @ Flood Tide Co. HQ

The Eldora and Marquesa on display.

Two weeks ago, Flood Tide Co. hosted a social gathering with us at their Charleston headquarters. Three skiffs made the three-hundred mile trip from Titusville, including the new Eldora, to be displayed at the HQ and tested the following morning at the demo day.

A permanent new addition also made its way to the Flood Tide Co. HQ: a Hell’s Bay deck. Now on display and decked out with Flood Tide Co. gear, this old front half fits its new home like it was meant to be there from the start.

Collage 1
Good times, inside and out.
Collage 2
The next generation Hell's Bay owner.

Thank you to Lawson Builder for capturing and sharing these moments.

All images: Copyright Lawson Builder | Salt & Stone Digital