Hell’s Bay Boatworks – 20 Years

July 13, 2017

Hell’s Bay Boatworks celebrates 20 years of revolutionizing the shallow-water angling universe.

(Titusville, FL) This month marks 20 years since Hell’s Bay Boatworks was founded under an oak tree in northern Florida. And throughout those 20 years, it has led the entire shallow water industry by engineering and building the most advanced technical poling skiffs on earth.

Hell’s Bay grew from the dreams of hardcore inshore anglers who searched for the perfect skiff. Led by the experience of renowned waterman, guide and TV personality Flip Pallot and the intuitive engineering and boatbuilding of Chris Morejohn, they created the original Whipray prototype, a 16-foot skiff specifically engineered for the unmet demand of the South Florida backcountry. Designed to float in as little as four inches of water, while at the same time providing the stability and seaworthiness to cross vast bodies of water, this prototype was unlike anything that came before it.

The unprecedented abilities of the Whipray spawned a number of innovative branches on the Hell’s Bay family tree, and today they custom build nine separate models, each optimized for a certain environment and angler. Owned today by Chris and Wendi Peterson, Hell’s Bay continues to be known for its yacht-grade fit and finish, extreme stealth, and expedition-grade durability. Through all of these qualities, a Hell’s Bay skiff is the one indispensable tool in the expert inshore angler’s arsenal.

In 2017, Hell’s Bay took their inshore expertise to even greater lengths, introducing the 24’ Estero bay boat- providing the same level of quality and performance in a package that can stretch a wide variety of conditions and activities.

Still custom made by hand at their facility in Titusville, Florida, Hell’s Bay continues to gently evolve and optimize their skiffs through the input they receive from the members of their Pro Staff such as Chico Fernandez, Andy Mill, CA Richardson, and Flip Pallot as well as the world-class anglers comprise their Owner’s Group.


Hell’s Bay Boatworks , based in Titusville Florida manufactures the world’s finest shallow-water skiffs. Founded in 1997, their skiffs are famous for their technical performance, fit, finish, durability, stealth and innovative design. Owned by Chris and Wendi Peterson, Hell’s Bay is a longtime sponsor and supporter of conservation, with a long history of involvement with the Coastal Conservation Association, the International Game Fish Association, the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, and the Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Championships, as well as sponsor of innumerable inshore tournaments, educational and scientific initiatives.


For more information, please contact Wendi Peterson at 321.383.8223