Flip Pallot

Born: June 16, 1942
Birth Place: South, FL
Hometown: Homestead, FL
Boat: Marquesa
Fishing Hole: Brackish Everglades
Lure: White Bucktail Jig
Fly: “Left’s Deceiver”
Fish: Snook
Hero: “Lefty” Kreh, PeeWee Herman

Flip Pallot was born and raised in South Florida. An avid outdoorsman for as long as he could remember, Flip began his career as a banker, for “way to long” according to him. After finding the courage to leave the corporate world, Flip began his second career as a fishing and hunting guide. After 12 years Flip moved to television producing, bringing his life’s fishing travels to the small screen for us to enjoy. He is best known for bringing us the Walkers Cay Chronicles, which aired for 16 seasons on ESPN and as a founder of Hell’s Bay Boatworks. His keen sense for storytelling and bringing to life the best part of fishing adventures has continued with teaching instructional classes and writing books on Fly Fishing. Flip currently lives in Mims, FL. Flip was inducted into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame in 2015.